101 Sexual Positions for Lovers DVD | Sinclair Institute

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It's so easy to keep your sex life thrilling -- no matter how long you've been together -- just by learning new positions or varying the old favorites. And now you can try positions you never thought possible when you watch this highly erotic and educational video: 101 Positions for Lovers. Take a fabulous trip to the lush green valleys and wave-kissed beaches of romantic Jamaica at the Hedonism II Resort, where 3 beautiful, real-life couples -- not XXX professionals -- indulge themselves in lavish sexual encounters. They invite you to watch in intimate detail as they explore positions from the basics of missionary to erotic sexual gymnastics that will leave you and your lover gasping! Be ready to stop and rewind, because you both won't want to wait to experiment on your own, as each scene encourages and stimulates your senses. Lovers of all skill levels from inexperienced to adventurous will find something new and intriguing: variations on cowgirl, sitting, standing, rear-entry, anal play, G-spot and clitoral stimulation, positions for maximum orgasmic pleasure and much, MUCH more! Just let the video unroll, or choose scenes by skill level, position, specific needs or your favorite couple. Sex educator and expert Jamye Waxman is on hand all through the video, offering hints on getting into the positions, what the position is best for and helpful information on sex in general. You'll come away from this video with a wealth of information to expand your sexual expertise! And be sure to watch the behind the scenes footage, shot by the enthusiastic couples themselves!
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Manufacturer Sinclair Institute
Runtime 152 Minutes

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