7 (Seven) Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality | Doctors Brian and Anna Maria Clement

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Good health leads to good sex and good sex can lead to good health. Your sex life can keep getting better over time, with intimacy growing stronger and more pleasurable with each passing year. Health and sex experts Doctors Brian and Anna Maria Clement, a married couple and the co-directors of an internationally renowned wellness clinic and spa, offer advice for retaining sexual vitality and intimacy throughout life. Their suggestions are all-natural, can be put into practice by anyone, and require no drugs. Sexual energy is a universal fuel of life that nourishes mind, body, and spirit. Remaining sexually active is one of the most effective ways to naturally enhance your health and your life. Clinically tested and holistic, the Clements' approach to sexuality will help invigorate your sex life and use sex to improve your health.

Extra Details
Secondary Title The Hippocrates Institute Guide to Sex, Health, and Happiness
Manufacturer New World Library
Author Brian R. Clement, PhD and Anna Maria Clement, PhD
ISBN 9781608680924

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