As You Like It Body Butter - Chocolate .06 oz.

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Enhance intimacy easily, using this Organic Chocolate Body Butter as a playful, non-verbal, communication tool. Take turns showing a sweetie where to kiss, or lick, or nibble!

People can apply the Body Butter to favorite spots and allow a partner to enjoy the taste and smell of chocolate, while they enjoy them.

Sweet kissable fun! Non-sticky and naturally sweetened, As You Like It's Organic Body Butters are the perfect, portable dessert for a sensual evening. They smell great and taste fantastic, inspiring flavored kisses and full body explorations (external use only). These Body Butters add flair to intimate moments, spicing it up Organically.

  • Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth and the USDA
  • NO Artificial Colors, Flavors or Scents
  • Paraben-Free, GMO-Free, Nut Oil-Free
  • Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free
  • Sweet but not Sticky
  • Delectable Taste and Smell
  • Moisturizes Lips and Skin
  • Discreetly Travel-Sized
  • A Perfect Romantic Gift
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