Best Sex Writing 2015

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This exciting 2015 volume of Best Sex Writing features a number of significant blogger and some of the most important stories of the past two years. Alexandria Goddard is the blogger who made the important connections in the historic Steubenville Rape Case; Epiphora is the most renowned and saucy sex toy reviewer who has legions of dedicated followers; Lux Alptraum has recently sold the wildly-succesful Fleshbot and taken an editorial position at Nerve. These contributors (and many others) know the words that sell online, and their presence in the collection will carry tremendous weight with bloggers, sex-related and more. At the same time, the anthology will feature topics that have not received as much attention in previous editions. Claire Litton provides a terrific personal recollection of sex in nerd culture. Internationally-acclaimed musician Ember Swift recounts her sexual appetites while she was pregnant. David Henry Sterry remembers his experience as a sex worker providing service to an 82-year-old woman. People--including those beyond the sex community--are learning about and considering sex from many different angles now, and this collection covers so many of them.

Extra Details
Manufacturer Cleis Press
Author Edited by Jon Pressick
ISBN 9781627780865

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