Bettie Page Longing for Leather Bullwhip

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As seen in some of Bettie's most iconic photoshoots, this leather bullwhip is the perfect way to assert dominance over your partner. Made with luxury braided leather, it administers swift, stinging thwacks to your lover's behind. A strong easy-grip handle helps you aim the flexible leather tip with expert precision. Ideal for more experienced bondage players, the bullwhip delivers a firm, stinging hit to your lover's behind and thighs, making it the perfect accessory for bedroom bondage and light BDSM play. All Bettie Page products come in an attractive canvas box including imprinted photos of the icon herself. Great for toy storage or as a gift box.
Extra Details
Secondary Title Perfect for experienced players
Manufacturer Lovehoney/Bettie Page
Materials Leather

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