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Feel confident in your sexiest body! Get an extra boost of confidence with Bijoux Indiscrets natural scents. This intimate solid perfume will make a path to your sexiest areas. The light coconut scent of this solid perfume is sure to bring attention to all the right places you want to be noticed! You can apply to anywhere on your body, even on the most intimate areas.

Let's Indulge and take our time! Bijoux Indiscrets Slow Sex line is created for a fast-paced world that may not take the time to slow down and savor the precious moments. Each product in the Slow Sex line encourages awareness and new forms of exploration of pleasure.

Get lost in a scented invitation to discover every inch of your body. This alcohol-free solid perfume with a sweet almond oil base leaves an arousing and exotic coconut aroma on the skin and is safe enough to use on any area. Its long-lasting aroma is smooth in texture and easy to apply. Once absorbed into the skin, Slow Sex Full Body Perfume is compatible with latex condoms and erotic toys.

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