Bijoux Indescrits Wild Strawberry Kissable Body Powder

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Bijoux Cosmetiques is a range of sensual cosmetics that joins the savoir-faire and finess of the Bijoux Indiscrets line with the some of the most delicious and decadent scents and aromas available! Created with ingredients found in natural cosmetics like Aloe Vera and Shea Butter and paraben free, each will delight and pamper even the most sensitive skin. And each kissable product" is made with safe ingestible ingredients like soybean oil or cornstarch. With their amazing attention to even the finest detail, each Bijoux Cosmetiques piece is presented in a beautifully detailed box and each piece is adorned with a removable metal tag with a bow accent. Bijoux Cosmetiques will transport you into a blissful dreamland where all of your fantasies are waiting to come true! The richness of honey and fragrance of strawberries are blended with just a bit of shimmer into a full symphony of scents that come together in a deliciously kissable body powder.

Extra Details
Secondary Title With a Drizzle of Honey
Manufacturer Bijoux Indiscrets

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