Copper Card & Coin 2-Pack Dry Sanitizer

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Metallic copper kills microbes on contact; it is a natural antimicrobial.  The Oligodynamic (antimicrobial) effect was discovered in 1893 as a toxic effect of metal ions on living cells.  Microbes require copper-containing enzymes to drive certain vital chemical reactions.  Excess copper causes a decline in the membrane integrity of the microbe membrane causing the membrane desiccation and cell death.

Simply stated, the Copper ions disrupt the microbes DNA, and stop the ability to reproduce.  This is the same process that has been used in the Copper Coil/Copper IUD for over 30 years.  Copper surfaces have intrinsic properties to destroy a wide range of microorganisms.  Copper ions last forever.

This package contains two items:

  1. A credit card-size plastic core that has been bonded to 100% copper foil.  The advantage of this product is that you can use it when you pay with a credit card or handle money. You can kill the microbes on your fingers as you replace the money or credit card back in your wallet.  It fits discreetly in your wallet or purse.
  2. A 1oz pure .999 Copper round "coin." If you keep this in your pocket, you can discreetly kill microbes on your hand by touching the surface of the Copper.  Use it by rubbing the coin after touching a germ-covered surface like a dirty keypad at checkout, a dirty touch-screen or maybe even shaking hands.
  3. Please note that the actual penny (the small one) is NOT included and is simply in the picture for purposes of scale.

Washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is still the best way to sanitize your hands.

The more you touch copper in between washings, the less microbes you will have to wash away.  This is a low-cost sanitizer that will last forever and the power of Copper has been scientifically proven.  It is an easy addition to our "new normal."

Care and upkeep:

Copper can oxidize and turn green (Statue of Liberty), and it will have a thin protective layer of copper oxide. It is copper's affinity to bond with oxygen that kills Microbes, so you want to keep it from oxidizing.  This is probably not going to be an issue with these products, but the basic way to clean copper is with vinegar, lemon, or surprisingly ketchup (vinegar and salt).  With these two products, rinsing off in soap and hot water will be fine, but a little ketchup is a great polish, and works as well or better than a commercial copper cleaner.  As long as it is not's working! 

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