Cosmo's Playbook for Guys

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Nobody talks more honestly, hilariously and helpfully about sex, in all its many shades, than Cosmopolitan, the biggest magazine in the world for young women. But why should guys miss out on all the fun? Thats why the editors of Cosmo created this bookthe official Cosmo cheat sheet for guys who want mind-blowing sex. The secret? Keeping her happy, of course. Cosmos Playbook for Guys is packed with advice, tips, and ideas that will give guys the tools and inspiration to make a woman completely happy in bed every single time. Its got all the answers every guy is dying to know but afraid to ask, like what exactly is the deal with the G-spot and how to get a girl in the mood when shed rather be watching Scandal? From a steamy map of the female body to a checklist that'll help him tell if she's faking it to a mini Kama Sutra with positions guaranteed to send her (and him!) over the top, this book has all the naughty info guys need to satisfy herand enjoy himself more than he ever thought possible every time.

Extra Details
Manufacturer Sterling Publishing
Author Editors of Cosmopolitan
ISBN 9781618371928

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