Eiffel Tower Dil

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A monument of eroticism The most phallic of monuments has at long last been moulded into an ergonomic and hypoallergenic wonder. La Tour est Folle is a sex toy like no other! A one-of-a-kind object that combines eroticism, a souvenir of Paris and design. La Tour est Folle is 100% made in France, right down to its box. It is the crazy invention of artist, Sbastien Lecca, the sensual projection of a playful and provocative vision of a universally famous icon that never fails to stir the imagination. This fun toy is harness-compatible and can hold a small bullet.

The following model numbers are related to this product via product options: A00206, A00207, A00208

Extra Details
Option Name Hot Pink
Manufacturer La Tour Est Folle
Materials Elastomer
Water Resistance Waterproof

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