Explosive Sex

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Explosive Sex! is a passport to a more exciting sex life. The adventure begins in the mind, as you discover more about yourself and your partner-and increase your ability to give and receive pleasure. Learn how to: ask for what you want, shed your inhibitions, and discover your sexual personality type. Then, it's on to the body, beginning with foreplay and followed by a breathtaking variety of positions leading to dizzying new heights of ecstasy. A Carte du Jour lays out a glossary of terms and techniques to heat up your daily lovemaking. Filled with lots of pictures and step-by-step instructions, this intimate approach to lovemaking delight you both as you learn how to truly satisfy each other through new and stimulating erotic moves and ideas!

Extra Details
Secondary Title Step-by-Step Techniques for the Hottest Sex Ever
Manufacturer Carlton Books
Author Richard Emerson

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