Eye of Love 3pc Roll-on Set - Fierce, Rebel & Bold .5oz

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Eye of Love uses the finest quality pheromones and sophisticated fragrances for maximum effects. Pheromones can give an added edge whether  working, playing, or being intimate.  Use daily to enjoy the pheromone advantage. These giftable packs are great to blend scents, when youre not sure which to wear or when you want to try more than just one. All three scents are great male fragrances with high pheromone delivery to improve everyday experience. They are specially formulated for Male to Female attraction and awareness.  

Fierce is a great male fragrance that will seduce her with a spicy hot blend of pink pepper and citrus. Lingering notes of musky amber and patchouli will leave her hungry for more.

Rebel will awaken her passion with a fresh and sensual contrast of soapy sweetness and exotic musk.

Bold will mesmerize her with this hot and exotic blend of dark woodsy moss, warm and sensual jasmine, and toasted nutmeg.

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