Eye of Love Jewelry Display (21 pcs)

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Eye of Love has teamed up with Dr. Ava Cadell, Americas #1 Loveologist, author and global speaker, to create beautiful jewelry that can be infused with high quality pheromones. The Pheromone Jewelry is made with black lava rock, one of the oldest and most abundant stones that possesses energetic qualities. When sprayed with pheromones, it acts as a fragrance diffuser that becomes a powerful attracting force worn close to the skin. Display Case with 21 pcs of the Eye of Love Jewelry collection. This display includes: Pheromone Bead Bracelet Large, Pheromone Bead Bracelet Small, Pheromone Dogtag Necklace Silver, Pheromone Drop Necklace - Gold, Pheromone Drop Necklace - Silver, Pheromone Two Layer Necklace Gold , Pheromone Two Layer Necklace Silver

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