F*cking Planner Stickers

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Personalize planners, calendars, bullet journals, vision boards and more with over 500 funny stickers to help seize the f*cking day and get sh*t done! 

For adults who love a funny sticker book or planner lovers who need some f*cking swear stickers to kick ass all year, this sarcastic and hilarious sticker pack is perfect! Accessorize with hundreds of badass motivational stickers, laugh at the snarky curses that tickle the funny bone, or give as a fun gag gift to friends and family. 


High temperatures create a higher probability of melting in shipment during the months of June-September.

Entrenue strongly recommends ordering this product from October-May ONLY.

If this item is ordered during the high-temperature months (due to the adhesive on this product), Entrenue assumes no responsibility if it melts in transit and will not accept returns or issue credits on this item or on any products that were purchased with this product that it may have melted on and damaged. 

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