Fantasy Affairs

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Maybe she is yeaning to be the naughty housewife that seduces the yard boy... Maybe he is the strip club patron who is dying for a private performance... Heart Cards allow you to indulge in intimate foreplay...with activities like "Impress me by showing me your most seductive gaze" or "If I were a genie and offered you three sexual wishes, what would they be?" With 104 to choose from, they are the perfect warm up! Creative Kisses are the specialty of the house where each card gives a very specific manner in which the kisser delivers one of the 36 kisses like the "Dirty Talk Kiss" where the kisser whispers something dirty into their lover's mouth while kissing...WOW! And the icing on the cake, Fantasy Affairs Cards offer you a safe, creative, and sexually satisfying way to embrace your naughtiest fantasy with your lover. With 36 different Fantasy Affair cards, it's the perfect way to indulge in adventurous affairs! *Each card is presented in English and Spanish
Extra Details
Secondary Title The Game of Creative Fantasies, Kisses, and Foreplay
Manufacturer Kheper Games
Game Type Board
Game Genre Romance

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