Female Ejaculation for Couples DVD

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Author, video director, and sex educator Deborah Sundahl is a female ejaculation pioneer. Her book, Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot (#3289) draws on her 20 years of experience in educating others on the important topic of female sexuality. In this DVD, three couples demonstrate how to create free and plentiful ejaculations. Some subjects covered on this disc are: People who Love Female Ejaculation; See the G-Spot!; Stimulate the G-Spot to create ejaculation; Learn why Ejaculation is not Urine. See toys, techniques and positions for fountainous ejaculate and learn G-spot triggers for multiple orgasms.
Extra Details
Secondary Title See the G-Spot Up Close and How it Ejaculates!
Author Deborah Sundahl
Runtime 60 Minutes

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