GLYDE ULTRA (Standard Fit) Non-toxic & Vegan Condoms

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The first condom made with a proprietary plant-based formula of thistle extract and natural rubber latex, using GLYDE's patented double dipping' technology for extra sheerness with complete reliability. Crafted for performance and comfort, GLYDE ULTRA delivers a sensational experience to both partners. You'll notice the difference.   

GLYDE non-toxic and certified vegan ULTRA condom is the #1 customer favorite because of its sheer feeling and durable performance, and proportions sized to fit most men. 

  • 100% Vegan certified (no animal products or testing, ever!)
  • Non-toxic, casein, paraben and petrochemical free
  • Made with sustainably harvested Natural Rubber Latex
  • Designed for maximum comfort 
  • Especially strong & sheer
  • Standard Fit (medium) 53mm
  • FDA & CE approved. Exceeds global standards for strength and durability

Satisfy your passions with the highest quality premium, animal friendly and ethically produced condom.

GLYDE premium vegan condoms are approved by The Vegan Society as a 100% animal-free product because GLYDE uses thistle extract instead of animal derived casein in their recipe and they never test on animals. Sheer, strong and reliable, GLYDE uses a patented 'double dipping' process that ensures ultra comfort and sensation without added thickness. Safe sex has never felt better!

Not only are GLYDE condoms NEVER tested on animals, they are made from the finest ingredients available. Certified ethical, vegan & Fair Trade.         


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