NobEssence Allure

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The Allure by NobEssence provides two functional ends for both anal and vaginal penetration. The tapered oval point leads to a series of bulbs that are sensuously curved providing just the right stimulation. Flowing on from there, a gracefully arched neck rounds out into a smooth wide ball, angled perfectly for G-spot and P-spot play. 

NobEssence is an innovative supplier of premium hand-sculpted organic, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing products from sustainably managed materials. NobEssence is guided by a mission to supply safe, sensual sculptures that provide: Functional Quality, Pleasure, and Health and Sustainability. 

Nobessence's state-of-the-art trade secret, trademarked process and range of biocompatible polymer coatings, Lubrosity, developed by NobEssence, that when applied to material surfaces, results in a wonderfully lubricious surface that is waterproof, scent-free, odor-defying, and compatible with commercial lubricants and antiseptics. 


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