Privy Peach Naked Cookie CBD Lip Butter

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Privy Peach's moisturizing oils and butters in its creamy natural lip butters penetrate deep into the skin cells. The unique blend of organic ingredients are recognized for their soothing, moisturizing, and healing qualities.

CBD promotes circulation to the skin, promoting healthy cell rejuvenation. Moisturize lips with confidence using an organic lip balm made with wholesome, cruelty free, vegan ingredients and they smell so good, people will want to eat them.


High temperatures create a higher probability of melting in shipment during the months of June-September.

Entrenue strongly recommends ordering this product from October-May ONLY.

If this item is ordered during the high-temperature months, Entrenue assumes no responsibility if it melts in transit and will not accept returns or issue credits on this item or on any products that were purchased with this product that it may have melted on and damaged. 

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