Rianne S Forbidden Fruit

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Take control, take a bite and unleash your sensual pleasures" The Forbidden Fruit is truly a one of a kind sensual massager. Shaped like the forbidden fruit in paradise created to tempt Adam and Eve, this delicious fruit tempts you to open the door to a new and delicious sexual world. Designed as an external massager, The Forbidden Fruit will add a deliciously naughty dimension to your play. Discover yourself and each other by moving the stalk of the apple to switch between the five different intensities and seven vibrational patterns. The large surface ensures all the right areas are tickled and teased. Excellent for solo or couples play Stimulate more erogenous zones with its larger surface area Easy and fun to control with the "stem" controller Beautiful packaging Thoughtfully created and designed by Rianne, we fell in love with her spirit and mission of empowering women of every age all over the world to embrace their sexuality and to experience incredible sexual pleasure. We know you will too!
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