Sliquid Splash Grapefruit Thyme Intimate Wash 8.5oz

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This female-focused company has designed a wonderful line of lubricants and fem-washes with two things in mind: Helping women who have a sensitivity to common glycerin products find a products they can enjoy without having an uncomfortable reaction and helping EVERYONE find a lube they love, that will last all night long! Sliquid Splash is the fabulous new line of glycerin-free fem-washes in ultra-girly packaging that make girly-parts feel and smell yummy! This hypoallergenic cleansing formula removes odor causing bacteria and is perfectly balanced to complement a woman's PH.

Sliquid Splash is a gentle and refreshing feminine wash, formulated as always completely glycerin and paraben free and pH balanced to complement a woman's delicate skin.

  • Gentle alternative to harsh soaps and washes
  • Refreshing grapefruit & thyme fragrance
  • Hypoallergenic & Glycerin free
  • Removes odor causing bacteria
  • Perfectly balanced to complement a woman's pH.
  • Never animal tested
  • 8.5 oz (255 ml)
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