Toca QULO Organic Hemp Lube 30ml

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QULO is a botanical-based hemp lube designed for all bodies. QULO is created with anal sex/play in mind but is great for all over. It is softening, warming and opening while creating silky lubrication. It also designed to help with inflammation and soreness or pain during foreplay or penetration. QULO increases blood flow and can prolong foreplay while heightening orgasms.

All Toca products are created with synergy in mind. All the herbs and ingredients are of high quality and were hand-picked to work together to help heighten the effects of their products. Leaving your customers happy healthy and satisfied.  

Fun fact while the stones are not added directly to the product, their stone essences are. The stones are placed around the containers as the product is formulating. Being placed on or near liquids allows the stones to create a resonance with similar elements found within the liquid. This adds both physical properties that will enhance sexual and sensual experiences, as well as subtle vibrational and energetic components.

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