Unbound - Amelia Nipple Clamp Chandelier Earrings

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This line of unique, fetish accessories function gorgeously as body adornments. In the Unbound world, rings double as massagers, nipple clamps function as earrings, necklaces transform into whips and bangle bracelets restrain a lover as handcuffs. These three lines are inspired by strong, memorable women who remind us that well-behaved women rarely make history.

A womans strength is the chicest asset she possesses. The Amelia collection is for the risk takers who are bold enough to be themselves. For the women whod rather break the rules than live a life absent of discovery and adventure.

These innovative earrings turn an intense staple of BDSM - the alligator nipple clamp- into delicate earrings. Those in the know will do a double take- and then probably try to catch your eye.

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