Unbound - Cleopatra Whip Choker

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This line of unique, fetish accessories function gorgeously as body adornments. In the Unbound world, rings double as massagers, nipple clamps function as earrings, necklaces transform into whips and bangle bracelets restrain a lover as handcuffs. These three lines are inspired by strong, memorable women who remind us that well-behaved women rarely make history.

Regal, seductive and just a bit dangerous the Cleopatra collection is suited to the Unbound woman who knows how to channel her sexuality to get exactly what she wants. If indulged she can bring you otherworldly pleasure, but if crossed her revenge is swift and final like this kiss of the deadly asp. Full of luxurious ornate detailing- these pieces are perfect for any modern day empress.

Dont let its delicate undulating curves fool you--this ruched gold metal collar frames your neck in a way that evokes ancient armor. Indeed this piece easily transforms from object dart to an implement of pain/pleasure- simply remove the collar and use the tasseled metal chains at either end to bring your subjects to heel.

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