Warm Human 8pk - Pretty Dope Soul

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Scent is one of our basic, most primal senses. It is at the core of our being from the beginning. It can trigger our memory, bring comfort, and helps us feel connected and safe. Scent is one of our most powerful senses and travels faster to our brain than even our sense of sight or sound.

Warm Human embraces the importance of scent and has created a line of WEARABLE therapeutic grade essential oils that allow users to mix and match from 12 different scents OR 3 amazing blends to create their own unique scent story, giving them the ability to customize their spirit EXACTLY as they desire.

Spectacular packaging focuses on the primary emotional benefits each oil could possibly produce. Information on the vibrant and colorful packaging includes:

  • Scent
  • Type of note (top, middle, base) to create the perfect blend
  • Physical/emotional benefits
  • Activated chakras.
  • Detailed and easy to understand directions are also included in each individual package
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Wearable Aromatherapy can be applied to hands, palms, wrists, arms, neck, hair, legs, feet...anywhere externally. Do not ingest or use in sensitive areas like lips, eyes, ears and intimate areas.

Using only the BEST quality oils for the most powerful effects, all ingredients are carefully sourced from farmers who practice transparency and ethical standards. A tremendous amount of thought went into which carrier oils and ingredients would be healthy, nurture the skin and help carry the essential oils down into body effectively.


Pretty Dope Soul takes away the guess work of creating the perfect blend and includes grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, and sweet orange, with sexy and strong floral tuberose. Pretty Dope Soul is a mixture of power and femininity.

  • Humble enough to know I have a ton of flaws, but also wise enough to know that my heart is pure and my soul is as dope as they come.
  • A strong floral and citrus mix
  • Power Blend
  • ACTIVATED CHAKRAS : 1st Root, 2nd Sacral, 3rd Solar Plexus, 4th Heart, 5th Throat, 7th Crown

Sold in POS displays of eight, each display mimics the individual packaging and includes a tester with

EVERY POS purchase.

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