EngErotics Soaking Sand Bath Shot - Tropical (CBD 20mg)

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This 4 oz single-serving Bath Shot is much more than simple bath salts. Three different salts combine with hydrating oil and fragrance to provide unprecedented relaxation and leave the skin feeling nourished and silky.

Soaking Sand Bath Shot evenly distributes 20 mg of pure hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol; less than 0.3% THC) throughout the bath water providing full-body contact that no bath bomb can offer. Six varieties are currently available, several of which include flower buds that float in the tub and/or naturally sourced micas to color the bath water.

Tropical Escape is a bright and fruity scent that features creamy coconut, sweet mango, and exotic tamarind. A hint of mandarin orange adds brightness without being overpowering. It is reminiscent of drinking a cocktail while watching the sunset on the beach. This Soaking Sand Bath Shot contains bright orange mica to vibrantly color your bath water (washable).

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