OhMiBod NEX2 BlueMotion Vibe (2nd Generation)

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Step into the future of sex toys with the blueMotion NEX|2. The 2nd generation of this app-controlled g-spot vibrator is perfect for solo or couples play. Known as the Swiss army knife of sex toys, OhMiBod's most popular design is now Bluetooth enabled, and perfect for long-distance partners!

Start by downloading the free OhMiBod Remote App, then launch, pair and play. Once connected, the possibilities are endless! Try multiple modes, from the sound-responsive Club Mode to the pre-programmed pulses of Rhythm mode, or even tap and record pulse patterns!

When partners are within close proximity to one another, they can use the App to control the vibe within Bluetooth range (approximately 26-30 ft. Bluetooth range doesnt work when there is a concrete wall or water between you and the controlling smartphone.

Once Bluemotion is connected to the app, they can connect over the app to their partners anywhere in the world! OhMiBod Remote is available via the Apple App Store as well as GooglePlay. If their smartphone is out of juice, The vibrator can function in manual mode and has 7 powerful scalable pre-set vibration patterns. Theres no rush: the battery charge lasts for up to two hours of use.

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